Israel Surf Club

The Best Surf Club in Israel!

Whether you have a passion for the sea, want to get great exercise or simply wish to spend a unique day in the sun, Israel Surf Club is the place to come. Located on the beautiful Dolfinarium Beach in Tel Aviv with a large staff of fully qualified (Multilingual) surf instructors, we provide:

surfboard-6-iconSurf board rentals

surfboard-6-iconSurfing lessons – both private and group sessions for all skill levels

surfboard-6-iconStand-up paddle board rentals and lessons.

surfboard-6-iconSurf Shop – From surf boards and wetsuits to everything you’ll need on the beach.

surfboard-6-iconChanging Room with hot shower and Lockers 

surfboard-6-iconBeach Restaurant 


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The Club is located in the Dolphinarium beach (Tel-Aviv) and open from 8 am to Sunset 7 days a week .

Tel-972(0)35103439, Fax -972(0)35165034

About Us

Originally founded by Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz in 1956, and more recently realized by Gali and Bari Zinner, Israel Surf Club has become not only a fantastic place to learn to surf, but a community in which people from all over the world come and feel at home. Their father, Shaul Zinner is among the first of few to surf Israel’s beaches having been inspired by the legendary Paskowitz. Shaul, a lifeguard and sea captain for many years, became infatuated with surfing and quickly became one of its innovators in Israel.* With the birth of his sons, came the birth of a new generation of surfers who upped the ante in the 1980s to become big-wave surfers in Hawaii and champion surfers in Israel. Today, both brothers have families of their own and are proudly passing the surfing tradition on.

Dorian’s role in surfing in Israel continues to pan out even today. In August 2007, he launched the “Surfing for Peace” project to deliver surfboards to Israel. Paskowitz founded Surfing for Peace together with surf legends Kelly Slater and Makua Rothman. His efforts continue to shape the surfing community and the world alike. Even more recently, he made a visit to the club in the summer of 2010 to give a special lecture to the students of the summer surf school. Most importantly, he came to see a dream realized; his baby, ‘Israel Surf Club’, had learned to surf.

The story of Shaul Zinner

In 1956, Doc Paskowitz left his longboard at Frishman beach life-guard tower and allowed Shaul to express his desire and ability to ride waves. In 1960, Shaul went to see the first surf movie ever made “Gidget” that inspired generations of surfers to be. He was so taken with the film that he didn’t sleep that night and woke the next morning to find a magical 3-metre swell at Frishman beach in Tel Aviv. He told his friends that he was going to paddle out to the highest peak and catch a wave. They thought he was crazy. He did paddle out (for 10 minutes – ~0.5 km!) and not only caught, but rode 3 massive waves from Frishman beach all the way to Bograshov beach on a balsawood longboard, with no leash. His exact words to me when he described these moments of riding these massive waves were, ‘Why am I not falling?’. These 3 waves, in my opinion, are the very reason surfing became as prolific as it is today in Israel. Shaul showed all of us that IT COULD BE DONE. He is a pioneer